Education is the process of studying to gain deeper knowledge and understanding of lessons and values applicable in daily life. Learning takes place both in and out of class. Education is considered one of the basic needs. It is believed that the greatest gift one can give to their child is education. It is because over time we have realized how important it is to our lives and we therefore need to embrace.
Here are some of the most important reasons why a child need to be educated.
First, education provides stability in life. One who has received education has acquired something that can never be taken away from them. The skills that one acquires from education opens up opportunities for them which end up stabilizing their life. One for example gets a good job, earning a good salary and this automatically changes their life for good
Secondly, Education is the greatest equalizer. It brings together people from different ethnicity, religion, age groups, gender, race and even cast. Educated people are treated as equals based on their knowledge and competence. It makes people become open minded and be able to listen to each other’s views regardless of their differences. This is what brings oneness and harmony in our world today and help us to live in peace with each other.
Thirdly, Education is the key to turn weakness into strength .It offers you the tools to become innovate, creative and even more knowledgeable. Education offers someone confidence to try and chase what they are good at and this helps in improving or making their lives better. It also protects one from being taken advantage of by knowing how to read and write such as knowing not to sign any bogus documents.
Fourthly, Education brings economic growth to a country. When people in a country are able to access education, its economy is able to grow. The educated citizens are able to access employment opportunities, explore business world, be creative and innovative through which they are able to pay taxes to the government hence boosting a countries economy.
Last but not least, Education makes one dreams come true. It is the most powerful weapon that one can has and through it can is able to live the life of their dreams. An educated person is able to make sound decisions which they are informed about and through this one is able to reach for their goals or purpose in life. Affecto foundation values Education. Through the WATOTO WASOME program we are helping to create an educated generation where the future of our beneficiaries will be bright



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