Poverty is what happens when people give up caring for one another. Just like the saying by Mother Teresa “If you can’t feed a hundred people then feed just one.” Affecto Foundation whose main objective is providing quality education to academically gifted students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds is a strong believer in influencing care. We believe that when we educate a child then we are closing the wide gap between the rich and the poor. The educated child will help transform his/ her society, if for example the child becomes an engineer and helps build a road in his village then the whole village benefits. The life of this student is transformed for good changing his character to be a philanthropist as well, you help him or her get away from an early marriage, petty crime, harsh traditions like FGM for girls, teenage pregnancy among others.
We give them hope for a better tomorrow. We go out of our way throughout their education journey offering them support with mentorship, career guidance, psychosocial support among others. We become the building blocks that this student need to transform into a better person. We understand that education is the greatest tool that can equalize us all and build a better nation.
Affecto Foundation driven by humanity to impact nations and create authentic philanthropists far and wide to carry on with influencing care.

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