Mentorship Programme

Leadership Training and Psychosocial Support

The Leadership Training and Psychosocial Support Sub Programme is advised by the need to help the sponsored children overcome poverty-related barriers inhibiting their educational success.

The Programme focuses on groups as well as individual sponsored students. It aims at equipping the sponsored children with leadership and vital life skills, as well providing psychological support necessary for the development of an all-rounded person. Leadership training and life skills coaching workshops are held during the April, August and December school holidays. Dubbed “Reach for the stars” the students will get to understand themselves, their potential, and more importantly, the game of life.

Exchange Programs

This is a Sub- program aimed at giving the excellent scholars an experience of a life time through partnership with quality educational institutions outside Kenya. This will give the beneficiaries a chance to appreciate new cultures, enhance their self-esteem and self-confidence and open up career opportunities.

Career Guidance

Affecto Foundation has:-

  • Partnered with organizations to give students opportunities to have practical experience in targeted careers.
  • Teamed up with top notch professionals who share their experiences with students with a view to shaping their career paths.


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