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Affecto Foundation

Who We Are

Affecto Foundation was registered on January 16, 2018 as a charitable non-governmental organization (NGO) in Kenya by the NGO coordination Board. The registration of the foundation was a culmination of numerous and successful online campaigns on social media that were aimed at assisting needy Kenyans access healthcare, education and social needs.

Our Causes

My name is Micah Abukuse. I used to live with my Uncle by the name Okango since my parents abandoned me at a tender age. I occasionally worked as a herds-boy to support my needs. My uncle took me to a nearby Kabulyot Primary School in Uasin Gishu County (Moiben Consistuency).

Micah Abukuse


I was brought up by my single mother. I was orphaned at 7 years after my mum succumbed to illness in the year 2010. I was left under the care of my elderly grandparents. We live by Grace because my guardians regularly have challenges of age related sicknesses.

Willy Macharia


My name is Anthony Kimani, I am George Ngugi’s guardian. He is a student at Kijabe Boys High School.I met him in a very funny way because we went to visit his place and we found the situation that was there, it was wanting.

George Ngugi


On Going Causes

Some of our on going causes are listed below. Feel free to donate to any of the causes.

It was a normal life for a family of seven in Shinyalu Constituency in Kakamega County. That was until 2013 when Mr. Atolwa, husband to Pamela Mashiri left home never to come back. Pamela was told her husband traveled to Nairobi. Left with the burden of bringing up 5 children – 3 boys and 2 girls single-handedly, it was time for her to work extra hard. In 2016 Pamela booked a bus to Nairobi to find her husband. A neighbor hosted her at Uthiru. Instead, she ended up doing menial jobs to survive. She was to be joined by her Children in December of the same year. That’s how ORIGIN MUSOGA ATOLWA, a class 8 pupil, ended up at KAGIRA PRIMARY SCHOOL (a public school) in Dagoreti South Constituency. When KCPE results were released later in the year, he had impressively scored 392 Marks to earn a slot at CHAVAKALI HIGH SCHOOL, a NATIONAL SCHOOL. A month and a half later since form one students enrolled, MUSOGA was still at home. His hopes of joining high school had been fading fast. His jobless mother had knocked every door for assistance but none has been forthcoming. Still hopeful, the young man walked round Dagoreti Shopping Centre armed with school documents. He begged everyone he came across for help. We are grateful to Fuata Nyuki Wa-Kungu who shared his plight. We were able to confirm his case was genuine and dire. AFFECTO family is pleased to welcome Origin to our pool of beneficiaries. On February 13th we reached to CHAVAKALI HIGH SCHOOL Principal who understandably confirmly our friend was free to join. We thank God for gifting us with an additional member. We desire to walk with him through the 4 year journey. Help us welcome and wish him the very best.

Born in 2007, Eunice Wanjiku was a healthy and bubbly girl and like other normal children, she was enrolled in a nursery school. One day, she discovered a pimple-like swelling on her left leg, which to her and her parents was normal. But a few days later the swelling had developed into a wound on the left leg and gradually had spread to the other leg and her hands. Wanjiku and her family were people of straw. They lacked the financial wherewithal of seeking proper treatment for the fast-spreading wounds. The girl was hospitalized in several hospitals but after exhausting the little money they had, they took her back home despite her deteriorating condition. It was pain beyond measure as her parents watched their daughter suffer yet there was nothing they could do. Little Wanjiku spent her days scratching her itching wet wounds. The stench from the wounds was so strong that anybody getting close to their house wondered if something had died nearby. Every single day, she grew weaker and weaker as the wounds continued to eat up the remaining flesh on her hands and legs. The restlessness, the pain, and the itchiness left the girl crying most of the time. The much her mother could do was throw a leso over her thin legs to keep away the flies and cover the ugly sight of her thinning legs. Immobile Wanjiku could hardly eat. Her mouth had deep sores. As days passed by, the little hope remaining faded away. Her parents were afraid that they would find her gone one day. In the process of her suffering, the family was advised to seek help from Affecto Foundation Founder, Ndung’u Nyoro who immediately visited the family to ascertain her condition. It was a condition that left him dumbfounded. He immediately consulted some doctors. Wanjiku was found to be severely anemic and with mouth ulcers which explained why she had halitosis and cried each time she tried to feed. The main diagnosis was scleroderma which is a chronic connective tissue disease generally classified as one of the autoimmune rheumatic diseases. Her legs and hands had stiffened at the joints making it impossible for her to move them. This required a surgery but the surgery could not be done because she was underweight. At the age of 10, she weighed only 11 kgs! Nutrition was identified as an urgent priority and the initial intervention. Her condition also required a series of medical tests to be performed to check her internal organs – a process that required finances. Nyoro shared Wanjiku’s story on social media ….how much was raised, what was the cost of treatment. How did KNH decide to release her to go and recover at home after people made contributions for her treatment? Whereas it was a better option for Wanjiku to stay at home for the rest of the recovery process, her state would have worsened because of the deplorable living conditions of her family. They lived in a make-shift structure that looked like it would collapse anytime. The roof was full of holes making it hard to live there especially during the rainy seasons. The walls were weak and bent on one side. Wanjiku’s well-wishers who had now become her friends decided to construct a better house for the family to ensure that she had a proper house to live in. Wanjiku and her family are now happily living in a three-bedroom house with enough space for Wanjiku who still cannot walk to crawl around. Though she has not fully recovered, her doctors have recorded great progress including her weight gain. Wanjiku still requires your prayers for her full recovery with hopes that she can resume her studies at the Pre-Unit level where she left before the sickness befell her.

MARY NYARUAI MUTHI was born on July 7th 2007. Her health challenges began soon after. Her skin used to peel off forcing her parents to wrap her with cotton wool. Mary also had a challenge of body odour. Before travelling in a matatu, her parents were forced to spray her clothes to mask the bad smell. When Mary was one year her mother could not take it any more. She took off and has never gone back to check on the little girl. But her grandmother and father have been supporting her. At the age of five she was able to walk and was enrolled to a local school. Mary has endured these challenges to post good grades at school. She’s among best performers at GITERO PRIMARY SCHOOL in Kieni East, NYERI COUNTY. After a wellwisher Timothy Tmall Wa Mamae came across the little girl walking in a strange walking style on her way to school, he decided to follow up. We have consulted doctors and they are optimistic we can help the girl recover. But it’s a costly exercise. By sharing this message I am humbly appealing for help. A donation from you will help us take Mary through the journey. It’s our hope and prayer that she’ll recover fully. I am requesting that you SHARE THIS POST on your timeline when you come across it to help us reach your friends. Mary can do good with the support of many friends. You can send messages of encouragement at the comments section. Believe with me she’ll recover fully. Kindly send donations to : Paybill 957923 Account name : Mary

Thank you for helping Affecto Foundation support the less fortunate in society. Together we can break the poverty cycle.

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Ever since our inception, we have achieved numerous milestones all thanks to you, our supporter, partner, beneficiary and friends of Affecto.

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