Founder's Note

It is my pleasure to introduce to you Affecto Foundation’s Website.
Affecto Foundation was registered on 16th January 2018 as a non-governmental charitable organization in Kenya by the NGO coordination Board. The registration of the foundation was a culmination of numerous and successful social media appeals that aimed at assisting the needy access, education, quality healthcare as well as social needs. The campaigns involved online appeals through crowd funding to help needy cases that were carefully vetted and selected. As will be seen in the subsequent success stories, the cases ranged from medical appeals, supporting needy but academically able students to general social welfare.
From a humble beginning 4 years ago, the online family grew leaps and bounds but so did the cases that needed our intervention. There was therefore need to have a more structured way of influencing care and carrying on with the humanitarian work.
Affecto Foundation was hence founded and registered. The key areas of focus include secondary school education, education and general care for the needy in the society. Affecto Foundation has established an educational support program where needy and academically able students would benefit through scholarships. At the heart of the social welfare program are the environment conservation initiatives, feeding program for the children suffering from severe malnutrition and recognition of humanitarian personality of the month in Kenyan Society.

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