Affecto Stories: 2018 In Summary

2018 has been a wonderful year to us the affecto family. We were registered on January 17, 2017 which gave us a solid stepping stone to set up the vehicle of our mandate.

Before the registration, we mainly focused on health related activities. But with the birth of affecto more responsibilities awaited the team – and in plenty.

Having come across very bright students who were about to miss high school education due financial challenges our team made passionate online appeals and some of them were lucky to join high school.

We however realized that paying school fees alone was not enough. Majority of the beneficiaries were battling with psychosocial challenges that were seriously affecting their focus in school. We had one case of a student who had suicidal issues. We had to do more than we had planned- going beyond paying school fees.

With the help of experts we have been engaging our students in counselling and mentorship workshops. Sometimes we have had to include parents/guardians in the hope to yield better results.

As part of mentorship we had our students visit Strathmore University in August 2018. They were able to visit various departments, get motivational talks from university students and lecturers.

On November 8, 2018, affecto stars were hosted by the U.S Embassy – Nairobi. Embassy officials interacted with the excited students – teaching them what it entails to be a diplomat.

On December 27th – 29th same year, Affecto Foundation held the final mentorship workshop of the year for Cohort 1. The workshop culminated into a celebration of a successful academic program for the pioneer team.

Seeing the confidence, beaming smiles and excellent presentation skills from the students was a morale booster for the affecto team. It was a proof that our mentorship workshops were effective.

We were honored to have facilitators from different fields to take us through the final event of the year.
In humility, we appreciate the time shared with us by the amazing guests. Madam Faith Waigwa, former Deputy President of Law Society of Kenya, Mungai Kagunya of Standard Chartered Bank – Dubai, Edwin of Stanbic Bank South Africa, NTV’s Olive Kalekye Burrows, Prince Antony, Finance Manager Jennifer Kamanda, Mr. Paul proprietor of PAHA Ltd

The highlight of the event was a debate organised by Rosemary Maina, Margaret Mbuthi, Dr. Jonathan Mwangi and Dr. Marion Kiguoya Njau. The quality of debates was a testimony that the students have matured through the year. They are now focused and hungry for excellence.

The event was made possible by kind hearted friends whom we prefer to call partners.

Antique EventsKe provided tents, chairs and decorated everything for us – free of charge!

@Toolbox Entertainment provided Sound equipments and DJ- also for free.

@Ngash Sage and MC Kim did photography as Pharis did videography. At no fee.

Ridgeviews Leisure Garden Kiambu RD offered a full course lunch treat to entire team on December 28th. It was more of a belated Christmas celebration for all of us.

We at Affecto Foundation wish you a happy and eventful 2019.

We meet in service of God’s people.

Watoto wasome.

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