Affecto in the village.

With the second term midterm break it’s a perfect opportunity for Affecto team to bond with our students at their homes.

Allan Loloju, a form two student at Mangu High School is a beneficiary of our education program. Our team visited him and family at their home in Rumuruti, Laikipia County.

A very hardworking young man, Allan has proved the past is never a determinant of his future. From a humble manyatta he has fought for his space in a top national school and continues to excel.

Allan’s elder sister was rescued and supported by a local foundation in Samburu. She is due to join Moi University this year after attaining B plain in last year’s KCSE exam.

A vibrant community, our team was well received and even given Samburu names perhaps as a show of appreciation. Our team leader Ndungu Nyoro was given a name LOMUNYAK while Judie Kaberia and Muthoni Njuki were christened MPARAKUONI and NASIEKU respectively.

We are proud of Allan and we assure him of our continued support.

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