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A Week of Fame- The Statehouse Visit

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a step. Affecto stars have these to attest after a precious week stay in the Statehouse -Pures village.

Having been privileged to learn from the powerhouse, one of the Affecto stars had this to share.

“From what I learnt anybody can be great and greatness is not limited. So, as the leaders of today, we must strive to achieve the best regardless. Therefore, as an Affecto star, it is my desire to light the candle for my generation and be a flag bearer for Affecto stars to come.” Alice Affecto star said.

Affecto Foundation has continued to mentor its students in the best ways possible and that includes; mentorship, psychosocial support and exchange programs. This allows our stars to develop a sense of belonging as well as be all-rounded students.


The lessons they learnt from the Statehouse visit and the different departments they visited will always make an impact in their lives.

We as Affecto Foundation, therefore, take pride in our stars knowing that dreams and ambitions are not limited, greatness is meant for all.

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